Tasha Daniels

Female Tour Guide, 2010-Current at

Riverine safaris

Guiding Objective

To provide the most authentic splendid enriching tour experience for both local and foreign tourists visiting East Africa with Riverine safaris as their ground handler of their travel program to make value addition to tourism industry in the great rift valley region.


  1. Adventure guide with geographical navigational world class skills
  2. A high level of training in local tourism management
  3. Vast knowledge of world geography and a certain area off the beaten tracks
  4. Outgoing and friendly personality
  5. Outdoor procedural skills
  6. Excellent leadership and problem-solving abilities
  7. Training in emergency response
  8. Adept with GPS navigation system
  9. interpersonal skills
  10. Ability to organize tasks effectively
  11. A deep passion for nature and environmental causes
  12. Open-mindedness to others’ opinions and ideas
  13. Admirable resourcefulness


  • Takes charge of meeting clients at the airport, train station, or bus terminal
  • Ensures that tourists and travelers are comfortably settled in their hotels or resorts.
  • Explains the itinerary and schedule of the travel
  • Provides significant information about each destination or attraction visited with emphasis on its cultural and historical meaning
  • Manages meals and transportation related to the tour
  • Handles emergency situations; manage sudden changes or modifications to the tour
  • Responsible for the enjoyment of clients; ensure that they have a stimulating experience of local offerings
  • Performs travel cost analysis and provide price estimates to clients
  • Generates reports for the travel agency
  • Discusses other tour packages and interesting activities with tourists and try to sign them into these
  • Provides recommendations on tour plans and packages to the agency’s planning team
  • Participates in regular enrichment activities and personality development sessions as set by the team
  • Helps in answering online inquiries of prospective clients if necessary
  • Performs other tasks assigned by the agency

Tours & Travel Guide at Riverine Safaris

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