Majaliwa Gogo

A brilliant professional wildlife guide for particularly our Kenya and Tanzania safaris with 8 years of experience leading/guiding wildlife visitors and serving as Riverine safaris guide. With a motivational talent for impressing our clientele audience and delivering a high level of customer care services that have left a lot of recommendation’s and referrals to Riverine safaris. Extensive knowledge of Mountain hiking, wildlife, Culture and nature, able to learn retain and recall extensive amounts of information quickly.

Areas of Expertise

·         Tours and Travel

·         Guest services and customer care

·         Teaching & instructor in tourism fields

·         Cultural sensitivity

·         Problem resolution

·         Learning styles

·         Policy and Procedure implementation

·         Driving skills

·         Environmental motivator

·         History / social life

Professional Experience

Mount Kilimanjaro local guide

From 12/04/1999


Tour Guide at

Riverine Safaris for our Safaris in Tanzania

From 5/10/2009-Current

  • Greet visitors and provide detailed information about the tour he will be going through with the clients to the field by discussing relevant stages of the itinerary with the clients on the first day
  • Conduct in-depth specialized walking tours with clients for tours like nature walks, Gorilla tracking, Chimpanzee tracking and Bird watching safari walks.
  • Assist at the Information Desk as assigned by promoting the company and its services acting as general liaison between Riverine safaris and our clientele audience through strong and friendly interactions with clients.
  • Provide directions to other local destinations and client’s as a path finder during his time in the field with our clients making connections from one destination to another.
  • Guide guests through the destinations depending on the itineraries setup and activities described and agreed upon between Riverine safaris and our clients
  • Guarantees safety of clients in the field through his driving expertise and in accordance to our company guidelines provided to ensure safety of guests
  • Inform guests bout Riverine safaris by answering general questions regarding the company experience and its role in tourism industry.

Education and Training

Degree in tours and travel